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1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III Mark III

  • 1969
  • Lincoln
  • Continental Mark III
  • Mark III
  • 102,000
  • 854730
  • 9Y89A854730
  • Automatic
  • Blue
  • Blue
  • Coupe
  • RWD
  • v8

1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III

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1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III 460Ci V8 365HP @ 4600 RPM. Owned by Frank Fitzsimmons the former president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. This car has major links to Jimmy Hoffa and his son. How cool is it when you are in this car to think that Jimmy Hoffa, his son have been in and driven this car! We have tons of service records and documentation that links the car to Frank Fitzsimmons & Jimmy Hoffa. There is way too many receipts to put in this ad but the service records are amazing the transmission was rebuilt and came with a 3 year warranty (it shows that the previous owner did not get a cheap rebuild with a 1 year warranty) Some new parts include: Starter, alternator, battery, wires, ignition coil, and much more. This Car looks amazing inside & out and runs like a dream. All 4 tires are like brand new. It has dual power seats, power windows, power locks, hideaway headlights, vinyl top looks like new. lots of extra parts are in the trunk including 2 extra hub caps & radios. I cant believe a 46 year old car can look this good inside and out. And how amazing it runs. It gets thumbs up everywhere I take it and tons of attention and head turns. Here are some specifications: 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III, 2-door coupe body type RWD (rear- wheel drive), automatic 3-speed gearbox petrol (gasoline) engine with displacement: 7536 cm3 / 459.8 cui, advertised power: 272 kW / 365 hp / 370 PS ( SAE gross ), Torque net: 678 Nm / 500 lb-ft characteristic dimensions: outside length: 5489 mm / 216.1 in, wheelbase: 2977 mm / 117.2 in reference weights: shipping weight 2030 kg / 4475 lbs base curb weight: 2152 kg / 4744 lbs how fast is this car ? top speed: 207 km/h (129 mph) (theoretical); accelerations: 0- 60 mph 8.3 s; 0- 100 km/h 8.7 s (a-c simulation); 1/4 mile drag time (402 m) 16.1 s (a-c simulation) fuel consumption and mileage: average estimated by a-c: 22.7 l/100km / 12.4 mpg (imp.) / 10.3 mpg (U.S.) / 4.4 km/l ENGINE: (Code A) 460 Cubic Inch V-8, 365 Horsepower Bore and stroke: 4.36 x 3.85 inches/Compression ratio: 10.5:1 Autolite 4300 4-Barrel Carburetor (C8VF-9510J) Dual Exhaust System with Mufflers and Resonators (Code 1) 460 Cubic Inch V-8 (Low compression, export only) TRANSMISSION: (Code U) C-6 Automatic, 3-Speed WHEELBASE: 117.2 Inches LENGTH: 216.1 Inches WIDTH: 79.4 Inches HEIGHT: 52.9 Inches WEIGHT: 1968 Production: 4,739 Pounds; 1969 Production: 4,744 Pounds TREAD: F/R 62.0/62.0 INTERIOR: Head Room: Front 37.1 Inches/Rear 36.5 Inches Leg Room: Front 42.1 Inches/Rear 34.7 Inches Shoulder Room: Front 58.0 Inches/Rear 57.3 Inches Hip Room: Front 58.3 Inches/Rear 60.4 Inches Distance Between Front and Rear Passengers: 32.5 Inches Usable Luggage Capacity: 13.5 cu. ft. GLASS AREAS: Windshield: 1,154 sq. in. Side Windows: 1,181 sq. in. Rear Window: 707.5 sq. in. Total Glass Area: 3,042.5 sq. in. CAPACITIES: Cooling System: 19.5 Quarts (with Heater) Engine Oil: 5.0 Quarts Fuel Tank: 24.0 Gallons (Premium) Power Steering: 3.9 Pints Rear Axle: 5.0 Pints (Conventional and Directed Power) Transmission: 13.0 Quarts MAINTENANCE: Distributor Point Gap: 0.017 Inches (New Points) Distributor Dwell: 26-31 Degrees (New Points) Idle Speed: 550 rpm (Set with transmission in Drive, headlamps on, and air conditioning (if equipped) running on maximum cooling for minimum of 20 minutes with windows open) Ignition Timing: 20 Degrees (B.T.D.C.) (Do not retard the initial advance beyond 2 degrees B.T.D.C.) Spark Plugs: (Original Equipment) Size 18MM Type Autolite BF-42 Spark Plug Gap: 0.032-0.036 Inches Spark Plug Torque: 15-20 lbs. ft. Radiator Filler Cap: 12-15 P.S.I. BATTERY: Autolite SV 29 HR (Original Equipment) Volts: 12 Ampere Hour Rating: 85 Terminal Polarity: Negative Ground Number of Cells: 6 Number of Plates: 90 ALTERNATOR: Standard: 55 amps With Electric Defrost Rear Window: 65 amps If you have any questions or would like to take a test drive call us at 732-608-9278 106,478 miles 10,995


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